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Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot

Oh, Friday, you glorious day. We’re looking at an ideal weekend with a good mix of fun stuff to do and wide, open time for puttering, naval gazing and lazing about. A Greek festival is the crown jewel in our weekend plans, and thanks to The Novice Gardener’s inspired recipes, I’ve been chomping at the bit to chomp down on moussaka, gyros and and calamari complemented by ouzo lemonade(!).

We’ll also get to spend some time with the fam for a casual BBQ before all the nieces and nephews head to school. I’m bringing some kinda pasta salad something or other and I’m giving a baked jalapeno popper recipe a try, since that’s the only thing our garden is giving in abundance right now (we’re happily getting a tomato here and a carrot there, but “surplus” isn’t a word that my garden knows well; makes it all taste that much better, though).

Given how long the pepper seeds took to germinate this year, I am overjoyed and somewhat surprised by their relative copiousness. The 11 jaunty peppers below are waiting to be joined by another 10 or 12 amigos that still need to be harvested (I wanted to give ’em just a bit more time in the sun).

growing jalapeno peppers from seed

What’s happenin’, hot stuff?

I love deep-fried poppers (of course, I’d eat deep-fried cardboard), but the baked variation makes more sense than standing over a spitting deep fryer in the August heat and humidity. I’m typically not one for formal recipes, but the general idea for these guys is:

  • cut them in half, scoop out seeds and membranes (and try, try, try to remember not to touch my eyes!)
  • mix a block of cream cheese with some shredded cheese and finely minced onion
  • add in spices
  • schmoop the cheese mix into the halved pepper
  • coat the pepper in an egg wash and then dip in bread crumbs
  • bake at 375 for about 20 minutes

How’s that for a plan? I’ll let you know if the baked poppers are as good as the deep-fried ones.

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