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Kwintus Bean: The ‘Kwintussential’ Bean

I should be so lucky that my worst problem this week was fearing that my burgeoning Kwintus beans in the Three Sisters garden were flat. Ye gads! Not flat beans!

Kwintus Beans

The Internets said flat pole beans could be a sign of a bum batch of seeds, or poor soil, or the apocalypse. Whoa.

Thankfully, I kept my head about me and went back to the seed package. Turns out, Kwintus beans are supposed to be flat. It’s very common for many heirloom bean varieties, such as Kwintus beans, to start out flat and stay flat.

Kwintus beans


The Kwintus beans are on the bottom left, and regular, ole bush snap beans on the left. You can see the Kwintus beans are much flatter and “bumpier” than the regular beans. That’s A-OK.

Kwintus Beans


I like the taste of the Kwintus beans much better than the bush beans, which have an ever-so-slightly woody texture. I mean, it’s not like chewing on a stick, but comparing beans to beans, the Kwintus beans are much more tender and flavorful.  Still, they have definitely been much slower to get going, so I think there’s always going to be a place for bush beans and pole beans in my yarden.


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