Don’t Forget the Crumpets and Jam: How to Make Compost Tea

I was able to sift another batch of compost from one of my tumblers, and while most of it went back into the Three Sisters bed and the former potato bed, I thought I’d reserve a bit and give a recipe on how to make compost tea a try. I once thought compost tea was some kind of super complicated, labor intensive recipe but turns out that when you’re trying to figure out how to make compost tea, it’s just mixing some compost and water. Who knew?

Here’s what you need:

  • some compost (store bought or homemade)
  • a container with a lid
  • water

I reviewed a couple of recipes for how to make compost tea, and most said to use something like a “shovelful” of compost. I don’t know how much that is, but I had an empty gallon pot handy, so I filled that halfway full and used that as my measuring cup.

how to make compost teaDump the compost into a five-gallon bucket or other big container:

how to make compost teaAdd some water:

how to make compost tea

Snap on a lid, set in a sunny spot and let it sit for a few days.

how to make compost teaNow, some folks will tell you to add sugar or molasses. Some folks will tell you to add seaweed. Some folks will tell you to add fish emulsion. Some folks will tell you to aerate it.  Sure! Why not? Go for it. All good stuff. But I’m taking shortcuts.

Case in point: Most of the directions said to strain off the solids and then pour the liquid compost around base of the plant, but it seems silly to me to go that extra step, so I’m just going to dump the compost tea in my watering can, compost and all.  By my calculations, it should be ready by Tuesday. Now you know how to make compost tea, so go enjoy a nice cuppa.



Dog Days Postcards


It is dog breath hot right now and I don’t feel like doing much. Plus, I’ve been on the road for work this week, and away from my yarden, so let’s look at some recent pictures shall we?!

I had occasion to recently find myself camping next to a field of soybeans. That probably sounds very ‘Ohio’ to some of yins across the country, but joke’s on you: I was in Pennsylvania!

ohio garden

ohio garden

I planted some Chianti sunflowers last year, and, while I didn’t have much luck with them at the time, one came back this year as  a surprise. And I captured a bee on it!

ohio garden

The hydrangea I worried over so last year survived another gnarly winter. Now it has the most lush foliage I’ve ever seen on it, but just one purple blossom, so progress, I guess?

growing hydrangeous

growing hydrangeas

Can’t wait to head northward and start putting another round of veggies in my empty potato bed!

RIP x Three

It’s true, death does come in threes. My beloved slider keyboard phone finally bit the dust on the heels of a couple of my long-time plants.

I thank you for your seeds, Adolescent Parsley. It was not always an easy relationship for us as we navigated your growing pains, but you will always be my Teen Angel.

saving seeds

Indoor Lettuce was  a good friend that got me through the winter. I was hoping it would flower and I could collect the seeds. Alas, my heart will go on, but the Indoor Lettuce will not. Ashes to ashes, compost to compost. This one’s a closed casket, because, well, I don’t have a phone to take pictures, so let’s keep the memory of the lettuce in its prime.

Ah, well. Chin up, cheer up, friends. As we say goodbye to a few of our old friends (and an outdated phone with behavioral issues), it means we have room to welcome new ones. This weekend, I sowed some spinach, beet, broccoli, kale and collard seeds under the indoor grow lights.  I’ve also been starting TP tube carrots every other week or so, with carrot seedlings getting tucked in here and there.  I’m also eager to try the parsley seeds out to see how if they germinate, so there’s at least some kind of garden reincarnation in the works.