Cilantro Stairway

This, friends, is the stairway leading up to our house:

cilantro volunteer plants

Not terribly exciting, I’ll grant you, and in need of a sweep and some weeding … or wait! Maybe not.

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Is This a Weed? No, Indeed

Perception is a funny thing, no? For the past few years, I’ve been tenaciously pulling a “weed” out of one of my flower beds. I learned today it is not, in fact, a weed.  Nope, it’s my new friend. After a few seasons of baffled frustration, I finally posted a pic in a Facebook group of friendly gardeners to see if anyone knew what in the fresh heck it was, and they were all like, “That’s Sweet Woodruff! Woody’s the best!”

Let me introduce you, because maybe you’ve been needlessly yanking Woody out, too?

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It’s a Dandy

Given my recent post, gardening in my little path of dirt can be a laborious task, so I take my wins where I can get them. I flat-out whooped this dandelion and it felt good!


I got to the root of the matter, if you will. It was easy to root for the home team to pull this win out. Yes, sir, it was a real rootin’, tootin’ good time.