Aphid Away

Summer was due to make an appearance, and she sure did. We had about a two-week stretch of hot temperatures and no rain. I know to you poor folks out west, two weeks is, like, nothing. But to us in northeast Ohio, that’s a long time, and it meant I had long bled the rain barrels dry and had to drag out the hose. I can’t prove this for sure, but a few articles by reputable sources seem to suggest that the unfriendly aphid often makes his first appearance in hot, dry conditions. Scientifically proven or not, that was definitely the case here.

I saw the first aphid on my bolting lettuce plants. It’s not uncommon for an aphid clan to attack an out-of-season plant because, by nature, plants that are past their prime are … past their prime and not as strong or robust. Since I’m really just waiting for the lettuce to go to seed, not eating the leaves, I wasn’t too worried.  It was a group of dark-colored aphids, so they were easy enough to see, and I just kept a close eye on the neighboring plants to make sure there wasn’t an aphid exodus to neighboring veggies.

But I started to get a little itchy when I came back from being away and saw a new kind of aphid on my Brussels sprouts with white, almost translucent, bodies. Be forewarned, the pictures might make you feel all kinds of oogie:

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